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Personal Coaching

Arete offers one to one coaching sessions for individuals seeking to address negative, destructive, hindering and / or unhelpful patterns of thought and behaviours in their lives and who wish to engage in a process of self-development to address / conquer the underlying limiting beliefs holding them back from achieving their dreams, goals and ultimately, self-actualisation. Using a unique blend of strategies derived from both therapeutic and business backgrounds, The Arete Method delivers a comprehensive approach to addressing all facets of the individual, professional and personal, with a view to developing an integrated wellness strategy that acknowledges these multidimensional and interrelated aspects of the individual’s life.

Coaching sessions involve exploration of core values and underlying beliefs and an examination of value conflicts, maladaptive thoughts / behaviours and learning to challenge and adapt those intrusive or unhelpful patterns. Through the process, clients will become equipped with skills for assessing and recognising internal challenges and learn to develop healthy coping mechanisms for the adaptive regulation and moderation of emotional demands and triggers. Clients will be guided and supported in their journey to identify core goals and work with their mentor to develop effective and manageable goal attainment plans. Arete will help clients to examine the origins and motivations underlying their own needs and desires, and to develop the skills to meet those needs and find balance through evidence-based self-development tools and strategies.

Arete takes an integrated perspective on fulfilment, performance and success in life, which means we believe all aspects of life are linked; well-being or lack thereof in one area inevitably feeds into other areas of our lives. As such, Arete strives to help clients create harmony in personal and professional arenas, learning to adapt to the inevitable ebb and flow of life with the skills to adjust and mind ourselves as we encounter the demands of contemporary living balanced with our personal and communal goals and objectives, to facilitate the overall goal of general wellness.

More than anything, Arete is here to help you to achieve your goals; the primary focus of the coaching experience is to equip you with the guidance and support to overcome your limiting beliefs so that you can work toward your dreams and live a life of fulfilment, whatever that may be.

I  collaborate with clients on a range of challenges, professional and personal, to neutralise limiting beliefs and maladaptive behaviours and facilitate the achievement of balance, happiness and success.

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