Corporate Services

Corporate Coaching

Learn to maximise talent and diversity through group coaching delivered on-site at managerial and/or team level. Optimise initiative, innovation and creativity. Tailored services ensure that your team receives specialised coaching to overcome specific challenges and galvanise innovation and operational excellence.

HR Consulting

Specialising in stress management, operations excellence and talent optimisation, Aretē HR consulting services offer innovative, cutting edge solutions for motivating and maximising your personnel whilst encouraging and facilitating a healthy work environment. Bespoke consultations offer insights for attracting and retaining top talent whilst simultaneously advancing the commercial success of your organisation.

Corporate Coaching

The performance of a team is not simply the sum of its parts; integrating personalities, goals, thinking styles and operational behaviours is an integral factor in extracting optimal performance and productivity. Dynamic workplaces understand the importance of recognising individual competencies and creating an environment in which talent and innovation can thrive.

Diversity in the workforce is a widely under-utilised and untapped asset which, when harnessed correctly, yields accelerated efficiency and innovation, streamlines communications, empowers initiative and ultimately increases success. Social, operational and role specific functions are the key to maximising output, quality and creativity. Aretē psychology and coaching offers consulting services across a range of disciplines, delivered in a group coaching format on-site at managerial and team level. Proven effective psychological principles will be introduced and coaching provided for the integration in a real world context, tailored to the specific needs and challenges of your team and organisation.

Managerial and Team Level consultations

Half day and Full day on-site courses available

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