Corporate & Organisational Services

Corporate & Organisational Services

Specialising in stress management and employee wellness, Aretē consulting offers innovative, cutting edge solutions for motivating and maximising your personnel whilst encouraging and facilitating a healthy work environment. Bespoke consultations offer insights to optimise initiative, innovation and creativity, advancing the commercial success of your organisation whilst nurturing employee well-being and commitment. Tailored services ensure that your team receives specialised coaching to overcome specific challenges and galvanise innovation and operational excellence.

The performance of a team is not simply the sum of its parts; integrating personalities, goals, thinking styles and operational behaviours is an integral factor in extracting optimal performance and productivity. Dynamic workplaces understand the importance of recognising individual competencies and creating an environment in which talent and innovation can thrive. Employees who feel that their wellness is supported by their colleagues and the greater organisation perform at a higher level and display increased motivation, dedication and commitment to the workplace.

Workshops, Lunch ‘n’ Learn and Courses

Arete delivers a range of workshops and lunch ‘n’ learn style sessions within organisations at all levels, from entry to executive, across all industries in both the public and private sectors. There are a variety of options from which to choose, including stand-alone sessions and speaking engagements and also serial courses whereby instalments are delivered weekly over 6 weeks, for example. Courses may be tailored for specific deliverables with a nominated focus as desired (e.g. conflict resolution, communication skills, goal setting, stress management, etc.).

Organisational Partnerships

Arete also offers organisational partnership. In this format, Arete will partner with an organisation for a contracted period during which services are available to members of the organisation. This may include individual or team coaching for members / employees of the organisation, and / or a variety of workshops or lunch ‘n’ learn sessions per above. An example of one such format would be as follows: The organisation engages Arete for a 6 month partnership during which Arete allocates x hours per week to individual coaching sessions for members / employees of the organisation, and delivers a monthly lunch ‘n’ learn session. Partnership terms are agreed on a client per client basis and will be tailored to client needs and preferences, with flexible structure options available.

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